About Recreating Healthcare

Recreatinghealthcare Our health care apparatus is not working effectively. With higher costs and poorer health, even many of the changes, intended to improve it, are resulting in increased costs, increased work, templates care and no noticeable improvement in health. What is needed in health care is not reform, not transformation, but re-creation, from the bottom up, innovating a system that is grounded in health and caring.

We may be doing more, checking off more boxes, using more technology but, for the investment of money and effort, we are not seeing a return. The attempts at reforming and transforming health care are much like repairing and modifying a 50 year old car with newer equipment and modern technology. The problem is we are not considering if the original vehicle is really the best way to start. Maybe we need something without wheels, without a combustion engine, and that does not drive on roads.

What we call health care today is really illness care. Medical training has a foundation in disease and treatment of diseases. It is a clinic and hospital based system that treats people that enter it because of illness or disease. A large percentage of people that HAVE health insurance never engage in the current health care process, and so caring for their health, despite paying insurance premiums, does not happen. There are uninsured and underinsured that may not be able to afford to engage even if they want to.

Health care, in its current form, does not work in the free market. There are two customers, one that pays, the payer (insurance company or the state) and the patient, the person receiving care. The patient (and giver of care) may have no idea of the cost of care or treatment and little say in what will be covered. The payor does not know the patient except as a number or a member of a population. There is no knowledge, no actual personal connection with the individual patient, yet the payor controls much of the process.

Our current system is not only an illness care model but a health profit system. Whatever makes money or is funded is done. Businesses and technology enter the market that can help do what is paid for. Electronic Health Records (EHR), for example, has become a major business in health care. We now create 4-8 page medical records on every office visit, replacing what used to be a single page narrative note, yet they provide computer generated text that gives little useful information for the clinician.

Recreating health care starts anew, forgetting the ways we have always been doing things and developing a system that provides health and caring for the whole population. This means looking at how we do health care, where we do health care, and how it is funded.

Recreating healthcare is not criticizing the current way or those that develop it. Recreating healthcare is working together to reimagine health care from the ground up, a new start. This website is an opportunity to do this by sharing our thought, ideas and dreams. However impractical or unreasonable they may sound in our current milieu of health care is irrelevant. Let us share those dreams, visions, innovations of how we think we could re-create health care.

IN 1991, Finish student Linus Torvalds, developed the Linux Kernel, an operating system for computers. He put it out on the Internet, for free, asking people for feedback to help improve it. Since then through the input of people around the world this open source software has been used on billions of computers, revised and improved along the way by anyone who chose to do so. Recreating health care is open source re-creation. I ask for your input and feedback and through this website we can dialogue, share, imagine and re-create our health care system. Use the blog or email me your ideas, visions and innovations. Remember, this is not for criticizing or pointing out problems but for solutions to create a health care system that provides health and caring for all.