Welcome To Recreating Healthcare

Healthcare will change when we work together to learn ways we as individuals, clinicians, consumers and administrators of health care, try new things, new ideas, new ways beyond what we have traditionally seen as health care, and share them with others.   Be creative.  Don’t accept the status quo.  Think in new boxes and erase past ways of doing things.   Do not let the current parameters of health care limit you.

When you come up with ideas, email them to:  ideas@recreatinghealthcare.net

I will post ideas and we can discuss and share.    This is not a forum to ventilate and criticize but to come up with solutions, ideas, concepts to change the culture of health care and share them with others.   I look forward to  an insightful and evolving experience.

One thought on “Welcome To Recreating Healthcare

  1. I would like to see negotiation techniques and techniques for appropriate debate instituted in schools and businesses-similar to the old TQM training. I would like to see healthy critical thinking starting @ the preschool level. I would like to see mental health professionals get paid for teaching these skills to the community where they are-gas stations, schools, groceries, government & medical offices, etc. Why can’t the ubiquitous TVs in so many waiting rooms have educational loops showing how to properly, civilly (sp) interact? Why can’t billboards have mental health clips listed?
    What about games for mental health & healthy interactions be ads on social media? If we could flood the communication venues with healthy ways to interact & resolve conflict, we might develop a more cohesive community based society and reduce the amount of mental illness developing from our highly individualized (& therefore lonely) social structure.

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